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PhotoCart™ is an "image-aware" ecommerce shopping cart for the placement of photographic orders.   It allows customers to upload and select images, choose products, zoom, correct and crop their images while maintaining product aspect ratios and resolution requirements. 

Storefront's PhotoCart™ technology supports all web browsers and operating systems.  PhotoCart™ remains fully operational even when the customer's browser does not support or allow client-side techologies such as Java, JavaScript, ActiveX, Flash or cookies.  All of PhotoCart's abilities, assurances and benefits remain regardless of the user's browser settings.

Orders are sent to Storefront's Distributed Fulfillment Engine and PhotoLab Server Lite for management and fulfillment.

PhotoCart™ allows users to:
  • Zoom and crop images within production resolution and aspect ratio guidelines.
  • Remove red-eye from images using online tools, regardless of browser.
  • Quickly place orders for multiple images.
  • Upload additional images for product ordering.
  • Control paper selection, borders and other product options.
  • Supply product-specific custom information.
  • Set user preferences for paper selection and print formats.
  • Review cart contents and cropping previews.

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