Flexibility Meets Efficiency

Streamline your operation

SuperLab is a mature, powerful printing engine, handling a wide array of input sources and output targets.
SuperLab receives orders from multiple sources and efficiently routes them according to your workflow and business needs. Our intuitive configuration tool lets you manage your in-house production, supporting a comprehensive array of printers and product types, and send specific orders to outside fulfillment partners.

  • Processes PhotoKiosk, PhotoSite and SuperLab-generated orders.
  • Outputs to mini-labs, dye-sub, wide-format and other Windows printers.
  • Can be used as a "dry-lab" printing engine.
  • Supports prints, photobooks, cards, calendars, personalized gifts and more.
  • Integrated with Storefront's Remote Management system.
  • Datasheet: SuperLab.PDF